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Anindita Alisia

May 20, 2017


Hello, I’am Anindita and welcome to

Indonesian and Nomaden. That’s my life. I was born in Makassar, then move to Surabaya, Jakarta, Banjarnegara, spend my high school life in a dormitory in SMA Semesta Bilingual Boarding School Semarang (fyi that was very awesome school) and joined in Indonesian Student Exchange (JENESYS) in Kyoto-Shoei-High School, got a Bachelor of Computer from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Surabaya (that’s my favorite one) and now… live in Banjarnegara. A Small City. And I’m pretty sure, you didn’t find it on your map. (Later I will tell you where is Banjarnegara. haha)

A blissful wife and happy mom. Married to an IT Consultant (we met in the college). A mother of a son (who has cuteness-overload face, hihi). And now, I’m doing my job as a head of Marketing Communication Department in Indonesia best rural bank (from aspect of quality, by Infobank).

My favourite stuffs are books, laptop and of course smartphone (oh, I can’t live without them). I have a big awareness about something “go-green” (I support plastic-bag-diet) and something called “eating-clean” (later I’ll tell you, why.)

I was born to love reading, writing, watching movies (especially k-drama, haha) and travelling. I love to explore new places, new people and new-things. And now  I have put my interest on daily beauty routine or makeup stuff and children development steps or baby stuff.

I hope you’ll enjoy my writing.